St. James Investment Properties


St James has delivered projects following numerous strategies; from title-splitting, to Hotels / HMO’s, commercial to residential, various forms of conversions (offices, pubs, care-homes), to new build.

St James has recently partnered with Broadwing Homes, a dynamic and design-focused developer. Through this collaboration, St James and Broadwing Homes are able to access a wide array of different skills, experts, investors and opportunities to enable them to identify and swiftly secure development opportunities throughout London and the Home Counties, producing affordable luxury to meet a growing demand.


52 High Street
South London HA5 5PW


  • Beautiful Homes
  • Affordable luxury
  • Enhancing lifestyles
  • Building partnerships
  • Built on trust


2 Reviews

In our experience, Immanuel knows how to approach and appraise a potential project, and to do so quickly and accurately. He has a very settled and comprehensive team of Chartered professionals around him, who react equally quickly. These include not only the usual design consultants, but also Heritage, Tree, Ecology, Environmental and others. His Solicitors operate quickly, and he has a full range of supporting specialists to cover his varying type of project. In our experience, Immanuel does not ‘cherry pick’ his projects. Instead he takes-on projects with value-added challenges. And he is a long-term participant in the market, which allows us to help him maximise on the site opportunities.

August 2018

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I write as the previous owner of Greene and Co,an independent chain of estate agents in London.I am aware of the many dealings over the years we had with Immanuel Ezekiel and his company St James Investment Properties. These would have included not only Immanuel, but also his team of advisors/professionals. All the feedback I ever got was extremely positive. Not only was he fast in his decision making,but most importantly,he would keep to what was agreed. From an agents point of view,the credibility of your client is always paramount. I am also aware of some of his development schemes over the years,ranging from areas in South London such as Greenwich and Lewisham, to North London with Kentish Town,Crouch End,Hendon,Bushey,Tottenham,to outer London and Northwood,St Albans,Hemel Hempstead,Morton and High Wycombe.

August 2018

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